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Inkak was a waypoint in France.

Airspace waypoints are made by 5 letters words which are relatively easy to pronounce. Inkak is such a word. It used to be a waypoint over France.
With airspace modification, INKAK was no more needed, it is not used anymore. Sad, such a nice name.


This picture shows the cockpit of a small one engine aircraft, a Piper PA28, flying over french airspace, in the vicinity of INKAK. Picture was taken near Melun. Inkak is between Melun and Troyes.

Where is INKAK?

Appart from being on, inkak as a waypoint can be seen here on this chart, south of Paris.
Latitude 48° 23' 59.00" N
Longitude 3° 43' 43.00" E


Since INKAK is no more, you will not overfly this waypoint. Sad again.
Enjoy the flying.

INKAK website

The INKAK website is simple, yet it follows most recommendations.

INKAK website

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